Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm a Survivor

     Yes, I am a survivor. Want to know why?? I survived one month of healthy eating and exercising. The funny thing is I liked it and didn't feel like it was torture. There are people out there that think that eating healthy and exercising is torture; I use to be one of those people. Now I realize that is not true. Yes, it may suck in the beginning, because your body is telling you to stop. Once your body figures out, "Hey I'm suppose to use those muscles and move like this on a regular basis", then that's when it starts becoming easier. This is not the thing that is bothering me though.

     One thing that has bothered me is that everyone I know keeps asking, "What kind of diet are you on?" I tell them very politely that I am not on a diet and that I am changing my lifestyle to become a healthier person. Then comes the look of, "Oh, okay...". Some of you may be familiar with that look. The look I'm talking about is the one that has doubt or thinks "yea right" or is even trying to hold in the laughter. Well, you know what? I'm doing this for ME and not for those people. I know I'm doing my best and surviving the trials and tribulations of changing to a new, better, healthier lifestyle.

     I started my quest 1 month ago and I feel amazing. I am able to actually walk more than one mile and am up to 3-4 miles. I have started running and training for a 5k. I was so inspired by other people's weight loss journey that I decided to participate in a 5k in November. I am doing the Couch 2 5k running program and I can say that I am seeing a difference in my endurance, strength and attitude. Before I made the decision to really change and not do a temporary scheme (a.k.a diet), I would loathe the thought of running. My excuse was I was too big to run. I was just full of excuses, let me tell you. Now I want it to be decent weather outside so I can go out and walk/jog (a.k.a wog). I look forward to challenging myself with each workout. I look forward to trying to fit in as much exercise as I can in one day.

     I can not wait to see how I change even more within the next few months. If it has only been one month and my outlook has started to change, imagine what it will be as time passes by. Yes, I can say I'm a survivor and I will keep surviving. I know there are times were I will fall back and feel defeated, but I will SURVIVE it and keep pushing forward. I know everyone has the survival instincts in them also. You just have to dig deep inside and find it. Once you have found it then put it straight to work and say, "I AM A SURVIVOR!"

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